227: Is Oral Sex Sin?

The most frequent questions that Kenny gets (both from podcast listeners as well as from some of the young people that he has mentored) are typically related to the topic of sex. One frequently [...]

226: Is Nudity Always Sinful?

Multiple times throughout his ministry career and throughout his correspondence with regular listeners of the podcast, Kenny has been asked about nudity in media, in the arts, and in our society [...]

78: Why is Homosexuality a Sin?

In this episode, Kenny clearly explains why God labels homosexuality as a sin. Kenny starts the episode apologizing to any person who identifies as gay who has been mistreated by Christians. [...]

14: Is Masturbation Really a Sin?

Many people have been told by their pastors or parents that masturbation is bad and sinful, while there are some other church leaders that have told their flocks that masturbation is normal and [...]

11: Why is Premarital Sex Sin?

Sex is most certainly the juiciest topic. It’s the topic that everyone is interested in. Our church leaders and pastors often do a very good job of telling people to abstain from sex before [...]