227: Is Oral Sex Sin?

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The most frequent questions that Kenny gets (both from podcast listeners as well as from some of the young people that he has mentored) are typically related to the topic of sex. One frequently asked question is about oral sex. Is it wrong?

In this episode, Kenny clearly explains that oral sex can often be viewed as even more intimate than intercourse in the minds of some people. There are even some stats that show that young people are more likely to engage with intercourse before they engage with oral sex, because they view oral sex as being even more sensitive than intercourse.

Kenny makes clear that all sexual relations ought to be kept between a man and his wife, between the bounds of covenant marriage. If you are not married, then oral sex is sinful. But within the bounds of marriage, between a man and his wife, the Bible never prohibits oral sex. In fact, there are moments in the the Bible where oral sex seems to be celebrated. Lastly, Kenny then outlines several thoughts and elements of this topic that every married couple ought to consider before indulging in the act of oral sex.