78: Why is Homosexuality a Sin?

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In this episode, Kenny clearly explains why God labels homosexuality as a sin. Kenny starts the episode apologizing to any person who identifies as gay who has been mistreated by Christians. Kenny then challenges Christians to be consistent in their evaluation of sins.

Kenny then makes the point that the Bible does indeed label homosexual behaviors as sinful (citing 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Timothy 1:10, Romans 1), but then Kenny begins to answer the question “Why?”

There are typically multiple levels as to why something is sinful. The deepest layer when it come to understanding sexual sin is rooted in understanding God’s ideal design, and that is one man and one woman, within the bounds of covenant marriage. During the act of sex there is something mysterious and supernatural that happens that emotionally unites the man and woman.

The book of Genesis says they will become “one flesh” which is translated from the Hebrew word “echad” which speaks to plurality and diversity, but still points to a perfect unity. This is designed to reflect the Trinity. Through the creation of genders, God is reflecting both His unity and His diversity.

The members of the Trinity are committed to one another, they are in covenant with one another, therefore God desires covenant before the unity, which is why we believe premarital sex is wrong.

God’s design for humans is for us to function as He functions, that we would mirror Him and His character. Therefore, when two men have sex, they are not mirroring the diversity of the Trinity, for this reason God labels this as sin.

Our understanding of the creation account and our understanding of the Trinity point towards God’s ideal for sexuality. Any behavior outside of the ideal design is sinful, including homosexual behavior.

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