70: How Does God Determine What is Sin and What is Not Sin?

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Sometimes people believe that God seemingly condemns certain things or certain behaviors arbitrarily, randomly, or haphazardly. This is not true.

In this episode, Kenny explains that we were created to glorify God and reflect His character, therefore anything in us that does not glorify or reflect Him violates the purpose for which we were created. Furthermore, we were all created by God to function in certain ways, with an ideal design in mind. Anytime we do not function as we were created to function, or anytime we go outside of His perfect ideal design for us, then we will cease to glorify and reflect Him.

Kenny asserts that God determines certain things to be sinful based upon the ideal design with which we were created. Anything that goes outside that design can potentially be labeled sinful, or at least will eventually lead us down the road to sin.