71: Is Mental Illness Caused by Demons?

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Topics related to mental illness are very sensitive for many people, therefore it is essential that we have quality Biblical theology around the topic of mental health and related issues.

A few weeks ago Kenny received an email from a regular listener, in response to episode 43: Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?

In the email, the listener praised Kenny for not “blanketly condemning” all mental illnesses, and those individuals who suffer from them, as merely being “unChristian.”

In this this episode, Kenny addresses that comment and clearly answers the question: “Is mental illness caused by demonic activity?”

There are some people that believe demons cause mental health issues and mental illness. In response to that, Kenny says that sometimes they do, but other times they cause other health issues. Furthermore, there is Biblical evidence that only some health issues can be directly attributed to demonic activity.

Highlighted Passages:

Luke 17

Mark 6:5

Matthew 13:58

Luke 8:2

Mark 16:9

John 21:25

Luke 9:39

Luke 13

Mark 9:17

Mark 9:25

Matthew 12:2

Luke 8:27-28

Luke 9:1-2

Luke 13:32

Acts 5:15-16