43: Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?

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There are a variety of theories surrounding Judas, the disciple whom betrayed Jesus. Sometimes the question arises: Is Judas in heaven or hell? Most Christians assume that Judas is in hell, but the Bible doesn’t clearly state that.

In this episode, Kenny addresses why we cannot know for sure where Judas went.

Some say that Satan entered Judas, so that is evidence that he’s in hell. Others say that he’s definitely in hell because he betrayed Jesus, but in this episode Kenny highlights the fact that Peter betrayed Jesus by his denial, and many of us betray Jesus everyday of our lives with our actions.

Some people say Judas repented, so he must be in heaven, but we’re not so sure that he really repented. It does appear that he felt guilty for what he did, but was it only regret? Or was it true repentance? We’re not sure. Feeling bad for your mistakes doesn’t automatically equate to true Biblical repentance. Others say that Judas is in hell because he committed suicide, but no where in the Bible are we told that suicide automatically means that you go to hell.

Kenny highlights the fact that it is likely Judas did indeed go to hell, but regardless of whatever point anyone mentions, we simply cannot know for sure whether or not Judas went to heaven or to hell because the Bible does not give us clarity.