213: Is Homosexual Behavior Unique From Other Sins?

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The cultural stigma around homosexuality has lessened significantly over the past few years in Western society, but certainly still remains. And the cultural stigma that is around homosexuality and same-sex relationships seems to be different than the stigma around any other sins or other sexual behaviors.

There are many sexual choices that conservative Evangelical Christians would typically label as being outside of God’s ideal design, but homosexuality seems to be viewed differently (or even sometimes viewed as being worse). But is this a Biblical idea? Is homosexual activity different than other sins? Is it worse? Is being gay or lesbian worse than other things outside of God’s ideal design?

In this episode, Kenny explains that all sins have some level of equality in their eternal consequences, but not all sins are necessarily completely equal in terms of the ramifications they have on our lives. Kenny then explains:

1- Sexual sin is unique from other sins, which includes homosexuality and gay lifestyles, but sexual sin also includes all forms of lust, objectifying any human being, adultery, pornography, bestiality, pedophilia, and certain forms masturbation (or the inappropriate thoughts that typically the accompany masturbation).

2- Homosexuality is unique from many other sins because the view about it has changed rapidly in our culture and being gay or lesbian is now being celebrated by large portions of the population in Western culture.

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