212: Is It Wrong to Hate Homosexuality?

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There has been a moral revolution in America over the last few years, changing how people view homosexuality and other related topics. One recent expectation is the idea of complete “tolerance” of all sexual perspectives. But doesn’t the Bible tell us that certain sins are an “abomination” to the Lord? If so, how should we feel about the culture shift? And how should we feel towards sexual sin such as homosexuality?

In this episode, Kenny launches a mini-series about homosexuality, answering several questions brought up by regular listeners. The first question Kenny tackles is the idea of hating homosexuality. Is it Biblical to hate homosexuality? Should we hate it more or less than other sins? Kenny answers this by giving us four insights:

1- We should want people to experience God’s best for them, and our passion for God’s design in sexuality should supersede our passion to be against homosexuality

2- We should hate all sin and should find all sin disgusting

3- We should ask God for his grace and power to see a person separate from their sin; we ought to seek to separate a person’s sinful choices from that person’s identity

4- We ought to hate our own sin more than another person’s sin

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