211: Motherhood As a Spiritual Discipline with Catherine McNiel

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Parenting is one of the greatest privileges, and one of the greatest responsibilities, that God has given to human beings. If you are a parent you know how hard parenting can be, and how tough it is to feel like you’re being a good spiritual leader to your kids as well. But even the little mundane tasks can be used by God for His glory and for the good of your kids.

In this episode, our host Kenny interviews author and blogger Catherine McNiel about viewing parenthood (more specifically, motherhood) as a spiritual discipline. The busyness of parenting feels like it encroaches on our ability to practice spiritual disciplines, but the tasks of being a good parent themselves can be spiritual and sacred if we choose to view them that way.

As a mother of three, Catherine knows how it feels to miss out on your “quiet time” with the Lord. She even confesses to occasionally escaping to the bathroom, just to get a few minutes of alone time. But what if we viewed the mundane tasks of parenting and motherhood as being spiritual? How would that change our lives and our families?

Check out Catherine McNiel’s website: CatherineMcNiel.com