14: Is Masturbation Really a Sin?

Many people have been told by their pastors or parents that masturbation is bad and sinful, while there are some other church leaders that have told their flocks that masturbation is normal and [...]

13: What’s the Trinity?

Many Christians often ask about the Trinity. It can be a very difficult doctrine to understand because it defies our human logic and transcends our human understanding. In this episode, Kenny [...]

12: Overcoming Shame with Aubrey Sampson

Whenever we discuss shame, we are typically referring to feeling embarrassed or humiliated because of something wrong we did, but shame actually goes much deeper than that. Shame is not just [...]

11: Why is Premarital Sex Sin?

Sex is most certainly the juiciest topic. It’s the topic that everyone is interested in. Our church leaders and pastors often do a very good job of telling people to abstain from sex before [...]

09: Why is Abortion Wrong?

Abortion is one of the hot button topics in our nation, often argued as an issue of choice or equality for women. However, these views are skewed and miss the bigger picture. God is grieved by [...]