12: Overcoming Shame with Aubrey Sampson

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Whenever we discuss shame, we are typically referring to feeling embarrassed or humiliated because of something wrong we did, but shame actually goes much deeper than that. Shame is not just feeling guilty for something foolish you did, but shame is feeling bad for who you are.

If you are ever feeling ashamed, your spiritual health is at risk. But the beauty of the Gospel is that we can overcome our shame. We know that shame reminds us of our character flaws, our inadequacies, and our patterns of foolish choices. Simply put, shame reminds us that we are “not enough.”

Shame can be an incredible determinant to our lives, to our relationships with others, and to our friendship with God.

But the Gospel shatters our shame. The Gospel shatters our “not enough-ness.” In this episode, Kenny interviews Aubrey Sampson (author of Overcomer) and she gives us some incredible insights on how to overcome our shame through embracing the truth of the Gospel!

Connect with Aubrey Sampson: www.aubreysampson.com

Recommended Book: Overcomer (by Aubrey Sampson)