63: How Should Christians Properly Judge?

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Many of us have heard someone say, “Don’t judge me!” or “Only God can judge me!” Should we, as Christians, follow those sorts of requests? Kenny answered this question in a previous episode entitled: Should Christians Judge? In that episode Kenny made the point that we need to judge rightly and fairly. After that episode, Kenny received an email from a listener challenging the idea, claiming that Christians should never judge other people at all.

In this episode, Kenny responds to the email and defends his original point. Kenny also seeks to bring clarity to several elements presented in the previous episode that may have needed to be clarified. Kenny explains that we all make judgments of people and we all make conclusions about people, this is not inherently evil or wrong in any way at all, but we ought to seek to be Christ-honoring in the way we come to those judgments.

There is a righteous form of judgment and there is an unrighteous form of judgment. When we make wrong judgments, we hurt people. When we judge rightly, we honor God. It is essential that we know the difference and we seek to honor Christ through righteous judgments.