62: Is it Ever Justified to be Angry at God?

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There are many people in the world that claim to be angry at God. That begs the question: Are we ever justified in any such anger towards God? Are there any circumstances that would allow this to be an appropriate emotion towards God?

In this episode, Kenny starts off by talking about how pain and suffering are often the cause for any anger towards God, and Kenny explains the appropriate manner to handle such feelings towards God. Then Kenny explains the moments when it is appropriate to be angry towards a person, and demonstrates how God never falls into any such category, therefore it is always wrong to be angry with or at God.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to remember that it is God who has many reasons to be angry with us because it is we, humans, that have sinned against Him. It is God who has the right to be angry, but instead of remaining angry, and instead of holding a grudge, God demonstrates His love towards us by coming to planet Earth and making a way for us to receive grace and mercy (Romans 5:8-10).