39: Why Do We Go to Church on Sundays?

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In this short episode, Kenny answers the question as to why we attend church services on Sundays opposed to any other day of the week. The Bible encourages us to meet with other believers on a regular basis for things such as prayer, worship, teaching, fellowship, and the sacraments (ie: baptism and communion).

The early Church were mostly Jews, so they observed the Sabbath (Friday evening thru Saturday evening). They were already accustomed to doing these sorts of things. However, because Jesus Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday morning, it became tradition to meet together every Sunday morning for corporate worship and to hear preaching from one of the Apostles, in honor of the Resurrection of our Lord.

Many of the Gentile churches began to follow that tradition. It is important to note that Christians are never commanded to worship on any particular day, it was the common practice and tradition of the early Church to do so. Because we value the heritage that we have inherited from the early believers, we have chosen to follow their example. However, we are not required to worship on Sundays together, we can choose to do so on any day we feel like getting together for worship.

In addition, we should not only meet together for corporate worship, but we ought to be “living life” together, meeting regularly with other believers for fellowship, prayer, accountability, Bible study, and other things that can encourage our faith as well as deepen our friendships with other believers.