40: Why is the Local Church Important? with Tori Mayo

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The Church is the group of people who are followers of Jesus, called to “live life” together. Christians are called to meet together on a regular basis for worship, prayer, fellowship, building relationships, hearing teachings, and for the sacraments (ie: baptism and communion).

We as Christians are at our best when we have quality Christ-centered friendships in our regular everyday lives to challenge us and encourage us. Jesus and His Apostles established the Church to be for all people, from any ethnic group or nation, that wanted to be followers of Jesus.

In this episode, our guest Tori Mayo talks about how the concept of the local church has been attacked in our contemporary culture, and he answers the question as to why being a part of a local church is so important. Tori is the Lead Pastor at The Well in Austin, TX.

Tori tells us that the local church is God’s preferred manner to grow us and build us up as believers. He talks about several key elements: the process of sanctification being cultivated within the bounds of the local church; the importance of using our gifts and talents for the edification of others within the local church; the significance of church discipline in the lives of believers; and the commands of Scripture for us to serve one another in a variety of ways (commanded 100 times in 94 verses throughout Scripture).

Towards the end of the episode Tori also hits on the topic of spiritual abuse and hurt caused within the local church. There have been many people who have been hurt by Christians or feel as if they have been hurt by leaders of the church. Tori talks about how to deal with those sorts of very real issues that are more prevalent than we sometimes realize.

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Highlighted Passages:

Hebrews 10:25-26

Hebrews 3:13

1 Peter 4

1 Corinthians 4

Ephesians 4

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