38: Why is Temptation the Greatest Invitation to Worship? with Casey Cease

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Many times we see worship as something that is segmented from the rest of our lives. But everything in our lives is a form of worship.

In this episode we are joined by pastor, author, blogger, podcaster, and book publisher Casey Cease. In our conversation, Casey beautifully highlights the importance of seeing temptation as an opportunity to worship God.

Every time we are tempted to sin and disobey God, we have the opportunity to reject that sin, which in-turn honors God. It makes God look good and brings Him joy. Saying no to sin is a form of worship. Whenever we say no to sin, we are telling God that we value what He values. Anytime we say no to sin we are communicating to God, to ourselves, to other people, and to Satan that we see great worth in the words and commands of Scriptures.

Casey reminds us that temptation in and of itself is not at all sinful. The struggle itself isn’t wrong, but sometimes we see temptation as bad. Sometimes when we are tempted, we feel like we have failed. But temptation should bring a different attitude. Temptation isn’t sin, temptation is an invitation to worship God. Temptation is the invitation, the opportunity, to shout to all peoples that we value God above all others.

Casey Cease is the Lead Pastor at Christ Community Church just outside Houston, Texas (in the Magnolia/Woodlands region). He is also the CEO of Lucid Books, a unique Christian book publishing company that focuses on Partnership Publishing. Their unique Partnership Publishing model allows our authors to reap long term benefits while maintaining creative control over their own work.

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