31: Why Does Understanding the Trinity Matter? with Ricky Jones

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In this episode, guest host Ricky Jones talks about the Trinity being a “spiral of delight” between three distinct Divine persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) wherein they are absolutely in love with one another, gushing over one another, crazy about one another. Ricky paints the picture of incredible love between the members of the Trinity.

In addition, Ricky makes clear that God’s mission was to invite us into that spiral of delight, so that we can experience the love and affection God has for us. Furthermore, understanding the depth of this spiral of delight helps us see how much God loves us. God was willing to rupture the spiral of delight for a period of time, sending Jesus to Earth, so that we could be saved.

The members of the Godhead love each other desperately, and hate being separated, but were willing to be separated for a brief moment in history (the time that Jesus was on Earth), to make a way for our sins to be forgiven. God was willing to rupture the perfect harmony that He has been experience for all of eternity past, so that Jesus could accomplish a task on our behalf. God loves us so much, He was willing to break Himself apart, so that we could be rescued. God’s affection for us is so great, He would do anything to bring us into the spiral of delight.

Without understanding the nature of the Trinity, it is impossible to see and understand how much God loves us. Understanding the Trinity gives us insight into understanding just how far God was willing to go to bring us into the spiral of delight.