30: What is “Performance Based” Christianity? with Mike Adams

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Jesus didn’t say, “It is MOSTLY Finished!” Of course, most Christians know that Jesus actually proclaimed: “It is finished!” while He was hanging on the cross, but so many of us sometimes live as if He didn’t finish the job; like we’ve got to come up with the finishing touches.

Many Christians believe they must “perform” for God. Many of us can accept the fact that we need Jesus to secure our salvation, but we often then move into feeling like we must “do” something to make ourselves into good Christians. However, when we begin to believe or feel this, it always leads us into legalism.

In this episode, our guest host Mike Adams talks about the different forms of legalism, and spends time unpacking the common trend of many Christians falling into a “legalism of do” that is devastating to our lives, our relationships, our spiritual health, and always leads us to being “fake” with other people. Mike says this happens when we jump into sanctification without focusing on our justification. He tells us that performance-based Christianity is “sanctification gone wild.” Mike also talks about the antidote to the problem: Embracing God’s true love and affection for you.