29: What is Sanctification?

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Sanctification is the process that God takes us through to make us more like Jesus. The goal of sanctification is that we will live and love the way Jesus did. This process is ignited when we place our faith in Christ, which is the moment that God fully justifies us and also fully transforms us and indwells us with the Holy Spirit. The process of sanctification continues in our lives as the Holy Spirit continually works in our hearts and minds.

In this episode, Kenny clearly explains what sanctification actually is, how it works itself out in our lives, and he highlights the promise that God has made to complete the work of sanctification in our lives. Kenny also outlines several different views on sanctification (the traditional Protestant view, the Wesleyan view of achieving Christian perfection, and the “new mystics” view of instant sanctification).

Highlighted Passages:

Romans 8:29-30

Philippians 1:6

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