242: Is There Such a Thing as “The One” Person to Marry?

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Romantic relationships can be complicated, even under the best of circumstances, but they get even more complicated when flawed philosophies and bad theology are thrown into the mix. One of the flawed philosophies that often gets embraced, in terms of romance, is the ideal concept of a soulmate. While this concept has lost popularity over the past two decades within contemporary Christian circles, there are still many that believe and embrace it.

In this episode, Kenny clearly tackles the question: Does God have only one specific person you’re meant to marry or is it more a matter of personal choice? Kenny’s answer in this podcast is clear: There is no such thing as “the one.” This concept of “the one” or the idea of a soulmate is totally a result of modern media, movies, and pop culture. The idea of “the one” is not at all a result of any Biblical insights.

Kenny explains that the Bible talks extensively about marriage and relationships, but it never says anything that would cause us to embrace this concept of only one specific person that you’re supposed to marry. Furthermore, Kenny explains that this concept is overly idealistic and severely impractical.