222: Should Women Always Be “Stay-at-Home” Moms?

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The traditional role of mothers throughout human history has been to have their primary focus to be on child rearing and home making. However, modern feminism has changed that throughout Western cultures and societies.

So, this begs the question: Should women be more focused on child rearing more than anything else? Or is that traditional expectation merely nothing more than oppression that is an artifact of old-fashioned patriarchal societies?

In this episode, Kenny gives some clear Biblical mandates about what is expected from mothers and then he seeks to give some pastoral wisdom on how to fulfill those mandates as best as possible in our modern cultural context. Kenny challenges mothers to ask these questions:

1) What will bring the most amount of glory to God?

2) What decision will allow you to best fulfill the Biblical mandates upon mothers?

3) What is best for your children and their development?