138: What is Covenant Theology?

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There are two primary frameworks used by most Protestants today to interpret Scripture: Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism.

In this episode, Kenny talks about both frameworks of theology, giving us a brief overview of their histories and the key contrasting points between the two systems. Then Kenny dives into the nuts and bolts of Covenant Theology, highlighting that this system is founded upon using the theological concept of a “covenant” as an organizing principle for Christian theology.

Kenny specifically explains the primary covenants that God uses to relate to people: the Covenant of Works, which was established with Adam in the Garden of Eden and applies to humanity by default, and the Covenant of Grace, which is the covenant God uses to interact with and govern His people, the people of faith. (Note: There is a third covenant that Kenny mentions in this episode, but plans to elaborate upon that covenant in a future separate episode.)

Covenant theologians assert that covenants in the Old Testament are an extension or manifestation of one of the overarching covenants, either the Covenant of Works or the Covenant of Grace.