94: Are There Any Spiritual Gifts Not Mentioned in the Bible?

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There are many spiritual gifts listed in the Scripture; gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit, so that we will have the ability to accomplish certain tasks or take on certain roles, so that we can build up the people within the church.

But sometimes we observe people that are seemingly supernaturally gifted in an area that is not mentioned explicitly within the pages of Scripture. What are we to make of those sorts of observations?

In this episode, Kenny explains that there are not any spiritual gifts left out of the Bible (the list in the New Testament is absolutely exhaustive). However, Kenny believes that our contemporary Christian view of each spiritual gift may be too narrow. Sometimes we confuse roles with spiritual gifts or we confused natural talents with spiritual gifts, and in doing so, we often thrust onto people unfair burdens and unrealistic expectations because our views of the spiritual gifts are far too rigid.