93: Why the Holy Spirit Doesn’t Have to be Weird? with Matt McAfee

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As a part of the recent mini-series on the Holy Spirit (and the gifts of the Holy Spirit) Kenny has interviewed several pastors about the importance of approaching the Holy Spirit in a Biblical and “non-spooky” manner. The bottom line: Engaging with the Holy Spirit does not have to be weird! But why does He seem so weird to so many? And how do we get past the many weird things that we often see in some churches?

In this episode, Kenny interviews charismatic pastor Matt McAfee to discuss the Biblical and non-weird ways to approach the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Matt shares his own wrestling with non-Biblical and extra-Biblical things that he has witnessed in charismatic churches that frustrated him, but also explains why he has not embraced cessationism either. Matt concedes that being a cessationist would be “cleaner” but he clearly asserts that it would not be the most Biblical perspective to take.

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