83: Muslims Accept Jesus, But Why Don’t Christians Accept Muhammad?

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Many Muslims claim that their religion embraces Jesus as a great prophet and a great teacher, so many of them find it odd (and even offensive) that orthodox Christians do not embrace Islam’s prophet Muhammad. Why is it that Muslims accept and embrace Jesus, but but Christians reject Muhammad and his message?

In this episode, Kenny explains the theory of abrogation, upon which Islam is built, and why Christians ought to reject that theory. Kenny also highlights the fact that Muslims do not embrace Jesus in the same manner that Christians do (Muslims reject His Deity) and they do not embrace the narratives of the Old Testament and the New Testament in their entirety, as Christians do.

Finally, Kenny reminds us of the challenge given to us from the Apostle Paul to reject any and all other versions of the Gospel that do not match the version of the Gospel given to us by the Apostles (Galatians 1:6-9).

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