81: When Did Jesus Become the Son of God?

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Jesus is called the Son of God throughout the New Testament. But He is not the only person given the label “son of God.” The term occurs more than 40 times in the Bible, mostly in the New Testament. God is not the “Father” in a biological sense, but the term describes the nature of the relationship between God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

In this episode, Kenny explains that Jesus never became the Son of God, but rather has always been the Son of God. Furthermore, Kenny explains what the term “only begotten son of God” means and how it should impact how we see Jesus. All believers are adopted as sons and daughters of God, meaning that God chooses to treat us as if we were His own children, but Jesus is unique from us in that He has always been the Son of God, from the very same essence of God Himself.

Highlighted Passages:

Matthew 3:17

Matt 11:27

Luke 10:22

Hebrews 13

Colossians 1

Hebrews 1