60: How to Handle Doctrinal Differences Among Believers? with Jerome Danner

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Theology is extremely important because theology impacts how we live our lives. Theology is simply learning more about God. If we refuse to study theology, we are then, in essence, refusing to learn more about God. Our lack of understanding in the arenas of theology will eventually have a negative impact on our lives.

It is also very important to note that, as we study theology, we develop doctrines, and there is always the potential to develop doctrines that are different than those developed by some of our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Knowing how to deal with those types of disagreements is vital to the unity and health of the church.

In this episode, Kenny interviews blogger Jerome Danner about the importance of guarding our theology and our doctrines. They also talk at length about how to properly manage and navigate doctrinal disagreements amongst our fellow believers. How we handle such differences can make or break our Christian relationships as well as potentially impact the unity and health of our local churches.