51: How to Respond to Three Common Attacks of the Resurrection?

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Over the last several episodes, Kenny has been in a mini-series about the evidences for the physical resurrection of Jesus. There are three common theories used by skeptics and liberal theologians to attack the validity and credibility of the traditional resurrection story. Those three common attacks are:

1) The Swoon Theory

2) The Stolen Body Theory

3) The Wrong Tomb Theory

In this episode, Kenny explains the basics of all three theories and thoroughly explains why he rejects them. Kenny highlights several concessions made by skeptics that point to the credibility of the resurrection as well as outlining the reasons why these three theories are simply illogical, and in some ways they ignore several well-documented historical facts.

The most rational and most logical explanation for the events of the first century is the fact that Jesus did indeed raise from the dead.

Recommended Books:

– The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict (Josh McDowell)

– The God Who is There (Frances Schaeffer)

– The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach (Michael Licona)

Other Resources:

– “He Has Risen: The Worldview of Easter” DVD Series (by John Stonestreet and T. M. Moore)

– Chuck Colson’s Classic Commentary about The Church of the Holy Sepulchre