289: These Are Not Uncertain Times! (What About COVID-19?)

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Currently, the world is facing a global pandemic—the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In the midst of the panic, fear, and frustrations there are many different responses. One common phrase used by many is the statement, “These are ‘uncertain’ times.” However, for the Christian—the genuine believer in Christ—nothing is uncertain.

In this episode, Kenny makes clear that the believer never has anything to worry about. No matter what we face, even if we die due to a virus, we are in the hands of Christ! Kenny closes the episodes with a great quote from Francis J. Grimké who was a pastor during the Spanish Flu of 1918:

“While the plague was raging, what a comfort it was to feel that we were in the hands of a loving Father, whether we were smitten with the epidemic or not, we knew it would be well with us, that there was no reason to be alarmed.”


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