285: Why Did God Allow Sin?

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People often ask, “Why did God allow Adam to sin in the first place?” Many have wondered, if God knew that sin would cause such devastation to humanity, and such eternal consequences, then why did God did allow it happen? Couldn’t he have stopped it? Couldn’t God had created Adam without the ability to sin?

This is the same line of thinking that came from a regular listener by email, and Kenny tackles this topic herein this episode. This is a tough question. It’s sobering in a lot of ways. But ultimately, the answer to this type of question reminds us of God’s perfect sovereignty.

In this episode Kenny explains how the glory of God and the proclamation of his supremacy are the most important elements of the Christian life. Therefore, if God’s glory could have been known to its fullest in a world with no sin, then it is likely that God would have stopped sin. However, the very fact that God has allowed sin, clearly shows us that the glory of God, and the proclamation of Christ’s supremacy over all things, is shown most in the midst of a world with sin (otherwise, God would have prevented it altogether).

Honestly, we recognize that this is a hard topic for humans to wrap our minds around, but it’s essential for us to grapple with. Other episodes which deal with similar topics are listed below.

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