232: What is Heterodoxy?

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Within Christian theology, heterodoxy has typically been explained as any Biblical interpretations or Christian doctrines that are different from the official or orthodox positions of the church at-large.

In this episode, Kenny explains the concept of heterodoxy, and expounds upon the differences between orthodoxy, heresy, and heterodoxy. Kenny also makes clear that heterodox doctrines might be different from orthodox doctrines, but heterodox doctrines are not opposite or contrary to any traditionally embraced Christian orthodoxy, neither is heterodoxy opposite or contrary to any clear Biblical mandates.

Kenny then gives some pastoral advice on how to view heterodoxy, and challenges the listeners to be cautious to not assume that other Christians are not orthodox simply because those believers may have some theological disagreements. Kenny finishes the episode with this great quote from Charles Spurgeon:

“Again, you shall find spiritual life in every church. I know it is the notion of the bigot, that all the truly godly people belong to the denomination which he adorns. Orthodoxy is my doxy; heterodoxy is anybody else’s doxy who does not agree with me.” (August 13th, 1871)