215: Are Gay People Born Gay?

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Lots of gay people claim that their inclinations and affections for the same gender are feelings that they have experienced since they were very young. Most would claim: “I was born this way!”

In this episode, Kenny responds to this thought process by answering some common question that have come from a variety of people and sources in reference to homosexuality and those individuals who profess to be gay. The questions that are often asked: Are gay people born gay? Or do they “turn” gay through life experiences? Or is it just a choice?

For much of the history of modern Western civilization, homosexuality has been considered sinful or immoral, or at minimum there has been a cultural stigma attached to homosexuality. This has begun to shift significantly over the last few decades. Many gay people claim that, since they are born this way, all of us must consider homosexuality natural and embrace it as normative.

The response by many Evangelical Christians has been to claim that being gay is simply a choice or merely the manifestation of some abuse. In doing this, Evangelicals have taken the spotlight off of the proper angle of this issue. Kenny makes clear that the question about whether gay people are born gay is simply the wrong question to ask because, from an orthodox Christian worldview, it ought to be irrelevant. We are all born with some sin patterns and propensities for sin. The question ought not be: “Are we born this way” but rather “What does the Bible say about this issue?”

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