207: Why is God Allowed to Break His Own Rules?

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Often, critics of Christianity challenge the idea that “God is good” because it seems that God does things that He has told us not to do.

Some people even claim that God is a moral monster because He chooses to do things that may seem wicked to us (from our human vantage point). Why is it that God seems to be allowed to break His own rules?

This episode is inspired by two recent correspondences that Kenny has had; one was with a fellow air passenger and the other was with a listener of the podcast. In this episode, Kenny dives into the idea of God’s goodness and justice and morality.

In addition, Kenny also tackles the idea that we ought to refrain from judging God by the same set of rules that we judge humans, and with that in mind, Kenny answers this question: “By what standard should we judge God at all?” Kenny responds to this question by challenging listeners to understand that, if we ever determine that God is wicked, then our “measuring stick” is broken and needs a Biblical course correction.