172: How Have So Many Christians Accidentally Become Feminist? with Courtney Reissig

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Many Evangelical Christians have allowed modern movements to influence their ways of thinking, and even compromise their ability to stick to Biblical values. One such modern movement that has influenced Christians is the modern feminist movement.

In this episode, Kenny interviews author Courtney Reissig about God’s perfect design of the genders and the roles each gender ought to serve in terms of how the genders ought to interact and work together.

Courtney talks about how so many believers have allowed the feminist movement to influence their thinking when it comes to the topic of gender roles, instead of allowing the Scriptures to govern and inform their thinking in this arena. This has resulted in many Christians accidentally becoming feminists.

In the interview, Courtney clearly defines Biblical complementarianism and elaborates upon how that plays out in the church and in the home. Courtney also talks about what forms of female leadership and speaking are appropriate, and which forms are not appropriate. Ultimately, Courtney encourages us to delight in God’s good design.


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