155: Why Is the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible?

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The Book of Ecclesiastes is one of the most unique books of the entire Bible. It has some great wisdom and unique perspective from the wisest man to ever live King Solomon; but this book also possesses some odd words that may cause some people to raise an eyebrow because it can be easily misunderstood.

The Book of Ecclesiastes also has some interesting language that, if taken out of its context, is highly likely to lead readers to embrace weird or bad theology. In fact, several religious groups have asserted some strange and false doctrines because of their misunderstandings of the Book of Ecclesiastes.

In this episode, Kenny clearly explains why this book was written and explains King Solomon’s circumstances when he wrote it. Kenny highlights what we can learn from reading this book, and points out how this book reminds us of the importance of always cultivating genuine vibrant intimacy with the Almighty.