154: The Importance of Apologetics with Jason Ladd

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There are many questions in the arenas of faith and spirituality. Many people wrestle with a variety of faith-related ideas, and there is no shortage of sources and outlets in the world giving answers to those questions. But are the answers that are being given always Biblical? Of course not.

It is essential for all Christians to study apologetics and be immersed in truth, so that we can all develop a genuine Christian worldview, and so that we can recognize quality Biblical truth in our world.

In this episode, Kenny interviews author and apologist Jason B. Ladd about his own story of coming to faith in Christ and how apologetics played a major role in that process. They also talk about several ideas related to logic, philosophy, spirituality, worldview, and theology.

Jason B. Ladd is an award-winning author, US Marine, and Iraq War veteran. Ladd served on active duty with the Marines for fourteen years and has flown as an instructor pilot in both the F/A-18 and the F-16 fighter jets.

Jason is the founder of Boone Shepherd, LLC and the creator of IndieListers.com, the largest live online database of book promotions results built by authors. His newest book was an award finalist in the 2016 “Next Generation Indie Book Awards” and it has been endorsed by some of the world's preeminent apologists such as Michael Licona, Frank Turek, and John Njoroge. Jason lives in Alaska with his wife, Karry, and their five children.

Check out Jason's Book: One of the Few

Follow Jason on Twitter: @jasonbladd

Check out Jason's Website: www.jasonbladd.com


Additional Resources 

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (by Frank Turek and Norm Geisler)

Why Jesus? (by Ravi Zacharias)

Tactics (by Greg Koukl)

The Case for Christ (by Lee Strobel)