143: Who is Josephus? Why Does He Matter?

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The name “Josephus” is a name that is “thrown around” in many Jewish and Christians circles on a regular basis; but who was this man? And why does he matter to our lives today?

In a previous episode, Kenny interviewed Dr. John Morris about extra-Biblical evidences for the resurrection of Jesus, and the primary source mentioned in that episode was the works of Flavius Josephus. In this episode, Kenny gives us a glimpse into the life of this influential man.

Josephus was a Jewish religious leader who later became a military commander for the Jewish people in the “Jewish Wars” of the first century and then eventually became the state-sponsored historian for the Roman Empire. He wrote extensively about the Jewish people and their way of life. PBS ran an article about Josephus wherein he was referred to as “our primary source” for understanding the first century context of the Judean region and reconstructing first century history.

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