134: What Is the Prosperity Gospel Movement? Why Is It Dangerous?

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What is the prosperity gospel movement? Why is it so popular? Why is it so dangerous? With the rise of this so-called ” gospel” movement, it is very important to answer these questions.

In this episode, Kenny clearly defines the prosperity gospel movement and its most extreme form, wherein preachers claim that God wants all Christians to always experience good things, mainly to be financially wealth. Many contemporary preachers would lead you to believe that your enjoyment and your financial resources are God’s #1 priority… but His #1 priority is not you!

God is consumed with His own glory and His own fame… that should also be our #1 priority. Misunderstanding this truth can lead people to continually cultivate a desire for something(s) that may or may not be what God wants for you.

The prosperity gospel is consumed with material blessings, which cultivates desires in us that will ultimately lead to “ruin and destruction” but right Gospel preaching leads people to being willing to sacrifice all for the glory and fame of God.

Highlighted Passages

– Proverbs 30:7-9

– 1 Timothy 6:6-10