132: Is the Bible Trustworthy? with Kenneth Freire

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In this episode, our host Kenny interviews his personal friend Kenneth Freire about the trustworthiness of the Bible and the importance of shaping our lives around the core values we see in Scripture. They also talk about the importance of allowing the Bible to be our ultimate authority when determining our beliefs.

Kenneth Freire has proven to be an expert in the arenas of theology, apologetics, Christian worldview, and leadership development. He gives us three primary reasons why the Bible ought to be trusted:

1- Jesus substantiated the Scriptures.

2- The reliability of the New Testament manuscripts.

3- The living and active nature of the Bible.

Kenneth Freire has a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University and an M.Div. from Regent University. He has more than eight years of experience with leadership development, having trained over 500 men and women in leadership and theology. Kenneth Freire currently serves as a part of the staff team at Bethany Global University in Minneapolis, MN and he is one of the Directors of their Lead Internship gap-year program.

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