125: Can We Sin in Heaven? If Not, How Come Lucifer Sinned?

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It is widely believed by most Evangelical Christians that once we get into heaven and with Jesus, that we will not ever be able to sin or ever choose to walk away from God. This begs the question: How did Lucifer sin in heaven?

Lucifer did indeed sin while he was in heaven (Note: Today Lucifer is often called “Satan” or “the devil” or “the enemy”). So, what confidence do we have that we will not ever sin when we are in heaven?

In this episode, Kenny answers this question by making sure that we understand that it is not the place that keeps us from sinning, but rather the state we find ourselves in once we are in eternity. Once we are in heaven we will be fully transformed, given new bodies, and enter into a state of holy perfection. This will protect us from sin and this shall only be made possible by the power of Christ at work within us.

Highlighted Passages:

Philippians 3:21

Jude 1:24

Revelation 21:27

1 Timothy 5:21