120: Does God Give Personal Revelations to Certain People?

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Throughout the centuries God revealed His truth to certain people, and in most cases those persons documented the revealed truth.

Typically the truth was revealed for some specific contemporary purposes, but those truths were also typically transcendent and therefore valuable to all peoples of any time period. God did this many times throughout the pages of the Old Testament through the prophets.

Any time God revealed some element of truth to His people, this was referred to as a form of revelation. One of the greatest forms of revelation we have ever received has come through the writers of the New Testament, after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, giving us the clarity of the full Gospel message and its implications.

In this episode, Kenny explains that we, as orthodox Christians, believe that the “cannon has been closed” ever since the death of the last Apostle; meaning there will be no more new writings ever added to the Bible.

The Apostles and the New Testament writers were the last group of people God gave special revelation to; everything we needed revealed was fully revealed to us through the pages of the New Testament.

Kenny makes the point that any truth that God has ever intended to reveal, about Himself and about His plan of salvation for humanity, has indeed already been fully revealed through the Bible, therefore there is no longer any need for anyone to ever experience any sort of personal revelation of any kind.

Kenny makes the simple point that any revelation that agrees with the Bible is unnecessary, because we already have that truth, and any revelation that disagrees with the Bible is false, which means it must be completely disregarded. Any and all contemporary revelations are either wholly unneeded or are completely false, there are no other options.