119: Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?

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Throughout the Bible we see several moments when God spoke to people through dreams and visions. Does God still do this? Does He still speak to people in this manner?

In this episode, Kenny reminds us that the Bible is sufficient in terms of knowing what God desires from us. The Scriptures must always be the ultimate authority in our lives when it comes to determining the will of God and determining what we believe to be absolute truth, therefore we should not ever expect God to speak to us through a dream or vision in order to directly reveal any new truth to us.

We should not be getting our primary spiritual guidance or our doctrine through dreams. However, there is nothing in the Bible that ought to lead us to believe that God has stopped doing this as a secondary manner of getting people’s attention and helping them see that Jesus is indeed the only way to God.

In addition, there have been some contemporary accounts of people around the world seeing dreams that eventually points them to the Gospel. While these events are rare, Kenny challenges us to consider that God is using these supernatural dreams to draw people unto Himself.