106: How to Experience “Abundant Life?” with Josh Reich

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Jesus promised us “abundant life” but whenever we honestly consider and examine the life of most believers, we discover that most believers are not experiencing an abundant life at all. The problem is that many believers have never found the “breathing room” they actually need in this life in order to experience the vibrant abundance that Jesus wants to give to His followers.

Finding breathing room in our finances, daily schedules, and interpersonal relationships leads to enjoying and savoring life instead of simply going through the motions.

Most followers of Jesus never even scratch the surface of experiencing the freedom that Jesus wants them to experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, Kenny interviews pastor and author Josh Reich about the topic of finding “Breathing Room” in our lives, which happens to be the topic of Josh’s newest book.

In this interview Josh talks about diagnosing the bad habits and distractions of our lives (often rooted in identity issues) and then he challenges us to shift our attitudes, carve out time for new habits, and chase after Jesus-focused disciplines that will do more than just help us “catch our breath” but will help us find the ultimate road to experiencing the vibrant abundant life that we may have come to believe is impossible. Josh says abundant life can be found in Jesus!