105: Should We Use Sources Other than the Bible to Determine our Beliefs?

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We received an email, from a regular listener, asking about how we, as Bible-believing Christians, ought to approach areas and genres of our lives that the Bible isn’t totally clear about, and whether or not our convictions in those genres of life should or should not be built upon any sources of information other than the Bible.

In this episode, Kenny dives into understanding how we ought to approach all sources of information other than the Bible. Kenny makes it clear that we ought to have a very high regard for the Bible, and it should be the primary source of truth in our lives, but should it be the only source of truth? To that question: Kenny says no! The Bible should not be the only source of truth in our lives. “All truth is God’s truth” therefore anything that is true can be embraced, regardless of its source.

The Bible should be the ultimate authority when we are determining our convictions and developing our philosophies, because it is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. The Bible should be the filter through which we examine all other observations, advice, and sources of information, but when we couple the Bible with those secondary sources of information, we will likely end up with a more holistic view on how to practically apply theology to our lives.

Highlighted Passages:

1 Corinthians 10