01: What’s This Podcast all About?

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This is the very first episode of Theology For the Rest of Us. This podcast is designed to help any person who just wants to learn more about God or learn more about whatever it is orthodox Christians actually believe about God.

Lots of people have questions about God. That’s totally acceptable. But, far too often many of our pastors, preachers, church leaders, and seminarians are way too complex in their speech when answering these questions, sometimes making the topics and issues even harder to understand. This podcast is aimed at giving simple quick answers to some of those tough questions that people ask.

In this first episode, our host Kenneth Ortiz explains the genesis of the show, its format, and its goals. Typically each episode will answer one question related to theology, God, religion, history, or the Bible.

If you have a question that you’d like to have answered on the podcast or you’d like to connect with Kenneth, you can connect with him directly:

E-mail: Heyortiz@theologyfortherestofus.com

Twitter: @kennethortiz

Podcast Website: www.theologyfortherestofus.com