98: How to Engage with the Holy Spirit on a Daily Basis? with Matt van Winkle

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We believe that every Christian ought to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit; seeking to engage with the Holy Spirit, His supernatural wisdom, His sanctifying power, and the spiritual gifts that He gives.

In this episode, Kenny interviews charismatic church planter Matt van Winkle to discuss engaging with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Matt tells us that each believer ought to be looking to “live by the “nudge” of the Holy Spirit, because the Spirit is constantly nudging us in the directions that He desires for us to pursue, and He is constantly giving us the power and wisdom to do the right thing at the right time.

In addition, Matt also talks about how the corporate church ought to engage with the Holy Spirit, making sure that there is always proper order in the public church services whenever the gifts of the Holy Spirit are being used by believers.