76: How to Work for a Company You Morally Disagree With?

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With the ever changing cultural landscape of North America, many companies are now passing policies that are not in line with a Biblical worldview. This means more and more that Christians will be faced with the predicament of working for a business that promotes something that Christians may morally object to.

In this episode, Kenny dives into this topic and gives Christians several things to remember as they navigate these sorts of issues. The legal questions around this topic are certainly still very “grey” in many ways, but we need to make moral resolutions and build our ethics upon Biblical truth, regardless of whatever laws are passed. But it is also imperative to remember that our convictions will vary from person to person.

As we determine our convictions, we must do these things:

1) Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us into truth (John 16:13; 1 John 2:27); and ask yourself good questions as you determined your convictions such as:

– Is this really a big deal?

– Can I reconcile this?

– Am I being inconsistent or being a hypocrite?

– Am I directly participating in the destruction of another human being or their God-given potential?

2) Be clear and precise with your language.

3) Dialogue with your boss, peers, or clients.

4) Be kind, respectful, and gentle (1 Peter 3:15).