74: How Should Theology Impact Our Eating Habits? with Stephen Mackey

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Many Christians compartmentalize their lives in such a way that their theology never bleeds into certain areas, but our theology should impact every area of our lives.

In this episode, Kenny interviews pastor and podcaster Stephen Mackey, for a third straight episode, but this time they dive into a topic that few Christians ever talk about: “How should our theology impact our eating habits and our approach to being physically healthy?” Mackey has lost more than 70 pounds over the last few months and he has become passionate about living a healthy life.

Mackey says that living a healthy lifestyle does two very important things:

1- Health honors God.

2- Gives us the power to say “no” to things that are unhealthy, physically and spiritually.

3- Exposes the fact that we find satisfaction in food more than Christ.

4- Enables us to live a longer healthier life, so that we can do more Gospel work.

5- Impacts our self-esteem and how people see us.