67: Was God Unjust When He Asked Abraham to Kill Isaac?

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A somewhat frequently asked question is, “Was God unjust when He asked Abraham to kill his own son Isaac?” Sometimes this question is asked by Bible skeptics as an attack, while other times this is asked by inquiring believers.

In this episode, Kenny answers the question with several thoughts:

1- Every human deserves to die, so decreeing Isaac’s death would not be unjust.

2- We are not entitled to anything at all; Isaac was not entitled to life, therefore God can take away Isaac’s life if He sees fit to do so.

3- God has the right to do whatever He pleases with His own creation, at any times, for the expansion of His own glory and His own pleasure.

4- The point of the story is the foreshadowing of the cross; we are “Isaac” and Jesus is the “ram in the thicket” that is ultimately killed. This Bible narrative was orchestrated by God to illustrate the Gospel.