56: If the Reformation Caused Division, Why Was it a Good Thing?

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In a previous episode of the podcast, episode 35: Why Are There So Many Different Denominations?, a regular listener of the podcast made this comment: “[You described] the Reformation as being a significant benefit for mankind. How can splintering dogmas and denominations be beneficial for the church?”

This a great question that deserves a quality answer. If the Reformation caused so much division among Christians, how can we consider it a positive event in human history?

In this episode, Kenny makes the point that the positives of the Reformation far outweigh the negatives. The Reformation was started by a German monk and Catholic priest named Martin Luther. This event ushered in an era where hundreds of thousands of people all across Europe were reacquainted with the essential doctrine of justification; and the Reformation caused a mass revival, which has had incredible positive impacts on the world.